Makena Grill

Thank you Maui!  I was voted "Best Lunch" in 2006 and 2007 and "Best Chef" in 2007 by local residents in the Maui Time Weekly's 'Best of Maui' Survey.  I make great teriyaki hawaiian style BBQ kabobs and I'm known for my fish tacos.  You can check out the menu in the links to the left. 

I'm located in the South Maui area across from Makena Cove, aka "Secret Cove", just beyond the third entrance to Big Beach in Makena.  (Google Map link

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July 26, 2007

Best Chef - Marisa Samuels

Best of Maui LogoBeen thinking about this ... Being named the Best Chef on Maui is a really big mondo big deal!  There are so many amazing chefs on the island that cook up some of the world's best and most exotic dishes.  And you, our humble readers, named Chef Marisa Samuels of the very humble Makena Grill (they also won best lu
nch!) as the island's best chef.  You readers think she's better than Plantation House's Alex Stanislaw.  Beter than Sansei's D.K. Kodama.   Better than Pacific'O's James McDonald.  Better even than Pineapple Grill's Joey Macadangdang.  And you know what?  We're cool with that.  Located at the entrance to Big Beach in Makena.

Best Lunch - Makena Grill

There's something about big waves, hot sun and tacos that go so well together.  You readers know this.  A ton of you wrote in and voted Makena Grill as the best lunch on Maui.  I think very few people would disagree.  We totally dig the roadside stand vibe and the way you can drive up, park your car any old place, order your food and then head to the beach, all in the space of about five minutes.  Did we tell you about the time we saw tourists trying to long board at Big Beach?  Disastrous!  Hilarious, but disasterous.  And it all could have been avoided had they just stopped at Makena Grill.

National Geographic Traveler
March 2010

Maui: Ten Places to Love
by Andrew McCarthy

Best local eating is at the Makena Grill. Marisa Samuels makes the best lunch on the island from this roadside cart in Makena. Grab a chicken kebab, take a seat at Marisa's picnic table under the kiawe tree, and watch the rental cars roll by.